Travel and Culture

Belize: Menstruation, Myths and Taboos 

Belizean customs very often focus on blood. You will hear people talking about ‘strong blood’, ‘bad blood’ and ‘weak blood’. This life giving liquid, gives life to many customs. It is only logical therefore that a topic such as menstruation, involving the monthly passing of blood, will be surrounded with customs and taboos. Coming from… Continue reading Belize: Menstruation, Myths and Taboos 

Social Media

Why Use Instagram Story Polls?

When Instagram rolled out its stories feature last year it received a lot of criticism, even being branded as a cheesy snapchat copy cat. But with over 200 million people a day using Instagram Stories (according to Instagram) it has become an important marketing tool and it should really feature in your social media strategy. Instagram… Continue reading Why Use Instagram Story Polls?