I love capturing smiles, colour, contrasts and telling stories. Whether through the medium of social media, photography or writing, I enjoy telling a tale.

Since I was a small child I have always had my nose in a book and I am still a prolific reader to date. I remember at primary school we were asked to write a story for an English project. Over the course of two weeks I filled two exercise books with my story of castles, fairies and magic, alongside detailed illustrations of my imaginary land. I loved the sensation of getting lost in a story of my creation and this is something that I still enjoy. There is no greater escape than reading and no better way of reliving memories than writing about them.

Travel is my great passion. I love exploring new places and learning about new cultures and this often shows in my personal writing.

I am now lucky to be able earn a living doing what I love. From copy writing and travel writing to blogging and crafting social media content, I am passionate about sharing my story and other peoples stories with words and images.

A few brands and companies I have worked with include:

  • Great British Gardens
  • Kids Days Out
  • Blount & Maslin Estate Agents
  • Desert Rose Collections
  • Bardolino by Marco Pierre White
  • The Bank Cocktail Lounge and Boutique Club
  • Headline Your Business
  • Abbey Communication Immersive Language Training
  • International Women’s Day Swindon
  • Abbey Communication Language and Culture Centre
  • The Old Bell Hotel Malmesbury
  • MindReset 21
  • Souljunkie Clothing
  • Empower The Gambia/ The Emporium of Loveliness
  • Rubicon Diving Lanzarote
  • Las Brisas 104 Lanzarote
  • Mana Ecoresort Lanzarote
  • Bespoke Stone Walling
  • Bespoke Landscape Design

If you would like any more information about my work please send me an email at hello@macmillandrea.com