5 reasons your business should be blogging!

Blogging is a marketing tool that results in a greater online presence for your business. Like other marketing tactics that your business may already use (including email marketing, social media, digital media, print media) the purpose of a blog is to grow your business!

Maybe you’ve seen other businesses promoting their blog posts, but haven’t yet taken the plunge in setting up your own business blog. Here are five reasons why you should!

1. Target potential clients:

A blog is the perfect tool for your business to discuss its products and services in a passive way. Blogging is a great way to discuss the industry you work in and provide relevant information to an interested audience. If the content on your website is interesting and captivating, potential clients will spend more time browsing and learning about your business!

2. Drive traffic to your site:

Compared to many other pages on a website, a blog is updated frequently. Every new blog post is a new opportunity for your business to be discovered on search engines. The process of updating your blog provides organic traffic to your site. A blog also gives you an opportunity to drive traffic through your site. By using calls-to-action on your blog posts and internal links to your products and services you can turn new visitors into potential clients.

3. Establish your status as an expert within your industry:

Providing concise, easy to read and well researched blog posts about topical issues in your industry asserts you as an expert in your field. As a business owner you probably have years of experience and useful advice just waiting to be shared. By establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, people will automatically think of you as the place to go for information.

4. Create relationships and community:

Blogging is a great way to show off your business’s personality. Using a few informal blog posts can make you seem more approachable. One way this has worked well for a client of mine is with a blog post highlighting fun and interesting facts about the town in which they are located (click here to read). This post sparked a lot of local interest, engagement and has raised my clients profile locally, it has also driven a lot of extra traffic to their website.

5. Generate valuable content:

The more interesting the information on your website, the more content you have to share on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Whilst sharing third party links can lead to a lot of ‘likes’, it is important that you focus on turning these ‘likes’ into clients. This can be done by providing content that directs people back to your website rather than a competitors website.

View some of the blog posts that I have written for various clients here. If you are interested in finding out how a blog could benefit your business please get in touch!

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